Last I checked, it wasn't the road to heaven that was paved with good intentions.
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Andrew Lincoln
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thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

Anonymous asked: About JIB6. If you don't get a pass don't panic! Many fans get a pass but then find out they can't go so they do a 'hand over'. The facebook group "Jus in Bello 5 - 2014" is a great way to meet fans that can't go. That's how I got my Angel pass this year. (I'm sure they'll change the name after JIB5 ;-) And of cause there is the official hand over board on JIB's web site.

Thanks, I’m going with 2 more friends so we’re kind of freaking out a bit because we are going to buy Angel Passes and I think those are the most requested so that’s why we’re panicking! ahaha I just joined the group :) Can you come out of anon so I can talk to you privately? 

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in less than 2 months jibcon 6 passes will be up for sale

I can’t believe

I’m praying so hard that I get a pass, I swear I’m going to be so devastated if I don’t get one specially now that I’m able to pay for this trip I mean


im hoping so hard for this to work

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